Tamar Couriers Limited Environmental Policy

Tamar Couriers Ltd are concerned that our day-to-day activities could have an impact on the environment.

We recognise that we can make a contribution to protect and improve the environment.

Tamar Couriers Ltd is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its daily activities and will support and promote best environmental policies and practices wherever possible.

We will undertake the following in support of our policy.

Comply with any relevant environmental legislative and regulatory requirements.
We will ensure that sufficient means are provided to minimise and prevent pollution and unnecessary waste through recycling and support the reduction in energy utilisation and emissions.

We will reduce the distance travelled by our vehicle fleet through effective route planning and optimisation of vehicle loads. We are also looking at other ways of reducing fuel consumption and emissions through other effective means.

We are developing a culture of continuous improvement in the way we operate by placing an increased focus on the environment throughout our business and inviting suggestions from our employees and couriers of ways to improve. From this information, we will then set and review objectives and targets.

Make our suppliers aware of our commitment and our aim is to encourage them to recognise and adopt their own environmentally supportive practices.
This policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of Tamar Couriers Ltd and is also available to the public.

Martin Dawkins


EM01-01 Rev 1
1st November 2011